Night hit in Ravanay subject logo: MILGAM
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New links subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
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Hello to Digital Reader and Weasel Zippers.

Good bye to no one.

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Sports information operations subject logo: COLSPORTS
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What are the odds?

Only three weeks ago a new OKC sports talk station appears out of nowhere, on the Sooner Sports network. Less than two weeks later a story appears in Sports Illustrated magazine, sourced by alleged anonymous former unhappy Oklahoma State football players, likely cash strapped with allegations that can't be proven nor investigated in the year in which Oklahoma State is expected to compete for a Big 12 Championship.

How much pocket change would Oklahoma University football boosters have to pony up to get those cash strapped former football players to shoot their mouths off? $1,000? $2,000? A new job? Maybe a sliding scale for just how titillating the story is?

The best part would be just how cost free such operations are. No one in a college program is getting money. Just a little cash to a broke former footballer, and a nice fantasy cruise down memory lane.

It isn't like national publications have never made spurious allegations based on rumor and innuendo. The New York Times has built a now crumbling empire based on the pursuit of a paid agenda. How little effort it is for local journalists to go over the cliff with those writers with anonymous sources?

the NY Times has even won Pulitzers based on spurious and unproven allegations.

Until I can see and investigate at least half of the individuals who are making these allegations, tapes, reporters' notes, etc; the Sports Illustrated story is nothing more than a Sooner sponsored information operation. .

Well played, Sooners. You got Okla. State.

This time.

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Probes in Arma 2 subject logo: MILGAM
Posted by: badanov

Three of the most difficult scenarios in Arma 2 are assaulting a fixed position, meeting engagements and probes.

I write game scenarios, a lot of them are meeting engagements in the form of patrols. I set an area with at least two objectives and several enemy patrols in the area. The basic unit in Arma 2, the patrol has to make tactical decisions as to where and how to fight.

At night, it is easy to dodge enemy patrols, even with the enemy leader having night vision goggles. Since this is part of my Cherarusian Narco Wars Project, only officers have NVGs. If they aren't looking for enemy patrol activity, they won't be able to spot your patrol as it moves past. As it is with assaults, daytime engagements are difficult but nowhere near as difficult as meeting engagements, and it is easy to see why. The enemy is fixed unmoving and once they open up, you have them spotted. Unlike in patrol versus patrol battles, you can move up to a fixed position and take a good chance at spotting your enemy before he sees you.

But probes are different. Probes were used by the Soviet Army during WWII with mixed results. The smaller the probe the higher the chance for an adverse result, and conversely the larger the probe the bigger the casualties.. The Soviets knew this but they relied extensively on probes, both mobile and otherwise for local intelligence. Probes are what the Soviets did because frankly they had terrible intelligence. Most of the experienced trainers of army intelligence were destroyed in Stalin's purges of the 1930s.

In the Chernarusian Narco Wars project, I have written one scenario using a probe. In this case four rifle squads, including the player's strike team, three reinforced with BRDM armor cars are to probe into south Lopatino, locate and destroy an enemy forward supply dump before the enemy can react with reinforcements. Testing enemy reactions are among the biggest reasons to even try a probe, and in this scenario it is critical, since the enemy will send in a rifle company to counterattack. Initially the total strength of the enemy, not including forces in reserve, is four rifle squads deployed around and in the town.

I have run the scenario several times and every time the results are mixed. About 20 percent of the time my team can get in, wreck enemy logistics and withdraw just before the enemy reinforcements arrive. The rest of the time, the player's command just gets shot up both by units defending the flanks of where the patrol goes, and by forces directly in the way of the probe. And this is at night. I haven't even tried a daytime probe, yet.

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Resupply in Arma 2 subject logo: MILGAM
Posted by: badanov

A modern combat unit in combat uses a lot of ammunition. In Arma 2 your squad, if it is in sufficient enemy contact will use up most of its load, and will require more to continue. What to do? One scenario I have written, a CNF marine strike team is tasked with penetrating enemy lines to locate and extract two air crews and destroying several enemy weapons emplacements. The squad is task organized with several non standard weapons.

You can read the scenario description here.

In the squad the player has two PK 7.62x54mm machine gunners, two snipers one medic and six rifemen. In the scenario, the player also requires no fewer than nine satchel charges to destroy enemy antiaircraft artillery emplacements. Additionally, the squad leader, has a special AK-74 rifle suppressed with thermal sights and a laser designator. That rifle requires a special magazine which is not usually found in standard Russian ammo boxes. The snipers use a Cheytac M-200 .408 caliber rifle. The squad leader is also porting 2 satchel charges while the other riflemen all transport two each. I.E., they double as porters.

When a standard Chernarusian rifle squad needs to resupply, they can access ammo trucks, even enemy ammo trucks, but what if that unit is deep behind enemy lines and sending for an ammo truck would endanger resupply? You would think the creators or the modders would come up with a quick and easy way to send supplies by air, and they have, but not in very large quantities.

Using the (unitBackpack this) addmagazinecargo ["magName",6]; command, a player can add small quantities of ammo by helo, but the quantities are limited.

You can't actually pack a standard ammo box onto a helicopter and then send the helo to a preset location without a special script. In Arma 2 I have tried to avoid specialized scripts for specific purposes instead focusing on standard means to resupply.

I did try this script, which I am told works well for packing ammo aboard aircraft, but the player has to be present to load the supplies and has to be present to unload them. I tried to use the attachto command and it worked, but a new problem cropped up: Helos would explode after flying at normal speed and after less than 500 meters.

In the air crew rescue scenario, three and a half hours later in real and game time, running out of ammunition and sending for a helicopter with an ammo box packed with everything the squad needs, waiting at the rendezvous point, I heard a muffled "whump" and I knew the helo exploded.

Helluva way to run an army.

My solution is simple, inelegant and reliable. using the (unitBackpack this) addmagazinecargo ["magName",6]; command I select one UAZ ( a Russian Humvee) and pack the maximum amount of ammunition of one type onboard. I have conglomerated a convoy of six UAZs, two of them with Dushka 12.7mm machine guns as an armed escort, and can now move large amount of ammunition at night.

The only drawback is speed and that fact that that convoy probably wouldn't be able to move through enemy lines without being noticed by the enemy.

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Special Forces in Arma 2 subject logo: MILGAM
Posted by: badanov

As soon as I can find the time, I plan to start listing and making available for download a number of scenarios developed for Arma 2.

Only five months ago I started playing this shooter/military suimulator and I already have by my count more than 40 different scenarios, most for the Chernarusian NarcoWars project.

For a map, click here:

One of the scenarios involves a nighttime rescue of 28 peaceniks and press members held against their will in Lopatino. Two US Special Forces teams are dispatched to get the hostages out. The building they are being held in, an abandoned machine shop, is wired for explosives, so that should the insurgents get wind of a rescue, the building will be destroyed along with 28 civilians.

The mission hinges on SF operators killing the officer charged with destroying the building who is at a command center about 100 yards from the building.

In the scenario, the two special teams each have a sniper (M40 TWS), while the others are armed with Mk17s with thermal sights and suppressors, or M249 SAWs. The main rescuing team, a detachment consisting of one operator with the suppressed Mk17 and a SAW operator, has to dodge an insurgent foot patrol, move quickly and dispatch the bad guy, then move to the machine shop and kill three lightly armed sentries inside.

Once the officer is killed, the rest of the teams both go loud and proceed to wreck havoc on the enemy.

The main team, played by the player, after killing the officer has to go into the building find the three sentries and kill them. Two or three shots each, and they are down. For some reason the sentries inside the building are bumbling boobs who can't find a target in the dark, so they die fast.

Then the site commander radios for extraction birds for the hostages, and then proceeds to direct civilian foot traffic, and defend the position against enemy counterattacks. Time is important because two more insurgent squads, on the death of the officer, are on their way and will arrive within ten minutes to counterattack.

Three Chernarusian rifle squads also participate in a diversionary role attacking from the southwest, driving into town then stopping.

Now, same scenario, this time with Chernarusian special forces. The main weapon is a suppressed 9mm Makarov PP-19 Bizon with a 64 round helical magazine. In the scenario the Chernarusian rescue team, this time with a PP-19 Bizon and a PK medium machine gun (7.62x54mmm), can hit the officer at the nominal range of 50 meters, then turn to the machine shop and attempt to kill the sentries.

However, unlike the with the US operators, suddenly the bad guys develop good night vision and they start shooting accurately at you once you enter the machine shop. Not sure why that is. Everything else works perfectly, the SVDs, the AK-74s, etc. But not with the rescue team in close quarters battle.

Very strange. Guess I will have to work on my CQB skills. What follows is the scenario description:

Major, the latest news is that the International Peace Group has managed to get 20 of their members plus eight journalists into Lopatino with an offer by the peace protestors to serve as human shields.

According to IPO's website, the human shields are there to protest the quote unjust and unnecesary war on drugs and against the people in Chernarus. We place ourselves between the combatants in hopes we can help achieve a real lasting peace in Chernarus. Unquote.

NAPA leadership has graciously accepted their offer and now has them imprisoned in an abandoned machine shop south of town. NAPA leadership has vowed to kill every one of their hostages if our Chernarusian Army proceeds with our offensive to retake Lopatino.

Last night's infiltration mission showed they are prepared to carry out that threat. The building that houses the hostages is wired for explosives and its detonator is set at an outpost about 100 meters north of the building. Our intelligence operatives say the first time CDF forces are detected, the explosives will be detonated and everyone inside the building will be dead.

The only advantage is that the operative tasked to detonate the explosives is none other than Hugo Kozlov AKA Koshki, a NAPA military officer so brutal and stupid only he could have gained this task.

The security setup in Lopatino is unlike anything we have seen so far. Usually, the NAPA leadership are sloppy and sometimes downright stupid with their deployments and security arrangements, but not this time. We count three foot patrols near the machine shop and three road patrols nearby.

Additionally, NAPA leadership has posted three armed guards with the hostages.

You have at your disposal two special forces teams, one hand picked team member for your team and a sniper. A diversionary force consisting of a Chernarusian rifle platoon will assault the area from the southwest on your signal.

Kozlov is your top targeting priority. He must go down first and with the first shot, because if he doesn't and he can detonate the explosives, we will have the blood of 28 dead civilians on our hands.

Once the hostages are rescued you must get them aboard the extract helicopters. Your teams can then withdraw from the area of operation so we may proceed with the offensive.

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On Ghandi and passive resistance subject logo: CULTURE
Posted by: badanov

Had the Japanese got as far as India, Gandhi's theories of "passive resistance" would have floated down the Ganges River with his bayoneted, beheaded carcass. -- Mike Vanderboegh.

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She Sure Looks Good in Black subject logo: MUSIC
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One kickass country song by Daryle Singletary:

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About Anthony Weiner subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
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Anthony Weiner came within a cat's hair of trading a Porsche classic for a GMC 1 ton dually.

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On Same Sex Marriage subject logo: CULTURE
Posted by: badanov

The push for same sex marriage isn't about marriage or even gay marriage.

It is about destroying religion in the United States.

Thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling, the left is about to mount a legal assault on religious freedom the likes of which have never been seen before in the United States, and gays have, wittingly or not, cheered the preparations on.

So, at the end of it all, when churches are destroyed as religious institutions, or have been driven underground, there will be no churches, no sanctuary and most importantly, no gay marriage, because people including gays will have even fewer rights than before.

That is because, if you follow the history and trajectory of leftist governments you will see that as a practical matter, leftist governments attack homosexuality to encourage spawning, something that is anathema to homosexuality.

I truly hope gays can live with the consequences.

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Change in Links subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
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Goodbye to: AP Lawrence

His blog has been DOA for some time. I liked to visit his site if only for tips on Unix and Linux. He wuzza librul, BTW, NTTIAWWT.

Goodbye to: Pookie's Tunes

Though still in operation, I never visit.

Goodbye to: Red State

Only because I can't kill a journalist who was asleep while on duty, and taking money to be so.

Hello to: The Other McCain.

Robert Stacy McCain is a conservative independent journalist, pretty hard nosed individual, with whom I sometimes did disagree. Very passionate about his work and about what's right.

When I read about how he voted liberal in 1992, I felt sooo much better, like I could stop blaming myself for the coming disasters of a Clinton and Obama presidency.

Now I can just blame Robert Stacy McCain.

His assistant Smitty occasionally posts pics of his toddler, who is, as are all kids that age, kewt as can be.

Hello to Real and Simulated Wars.

I found his blog night before last and have enjoyed everything he has written on Arma 2.

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Adventures in Facebook subject logo: CULTURE
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I received a friend request on Facebook and a twitter follower.

The person requesting those claimed to be part of the Catholic Worker movement. Now, I am no longer a part of that community, which was 25 years ago, but I have known a few of those folks.

Consider: they're pacifist, followers of Christ, believing that Good Works helping the poor is the work of the Lord. What's not to like, right?

Consider also I moved past that many, many years ago abandoning most of those precepts, such as non-violence as a means of making peace, the concept itself of social justice, only to later learn that while looking good and sounding good on paper, those concepts are both potential social calamities for the poor.

But I am a sentimental human being, and I thought it was good to maybe reconnect to see where individuals such as the requester were, or how far they had gone down those roads. The people I knew sure as hell knew how to throw a party, besides.

Only a day or two later, around the the time of the anniversary of Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, the guy posts this missive in which he said that antiabortionists were actually warmongers because they wanted to suppress womens rights enough so that women could spawn cannon fodder for the wars of the plutocracy.

Squeezing those concepts through your brain is a little like trying to look out of one skull socket with both eyes.

Unlike the great massive majority of conservatives, I know how to deal with crazy people. You really have two choices.

You can chuck them out of your life summarily and without debate and never make contact with them again. In this method, you get all the safety you desire and nearly zero personal cost. But on the downside you don't get to look into the face or hear the voice of madness.

Or you can listen to them, consider the ideas they have, perhaps even debate them at some moment. An intelligent individual can do this all without even fearing whether such contact will taint them, or that their ideas could overwhelm your own good sense.

Then you tell them they are out of their minds and to either start drinking heavily or to get help.

I have nothing against crazy people. They exist and they have as much right as anyone to express their views. The same with the majority of the population, crazy people are harmless, probably less than one percent of them represent a threat to others or even to themselves.

Unfortunately, mentally ill people are about to become victims of the political class as discussions become more focused on making mental health issues a matter of public record for the purpose of purchasing a gun. I read Saturday morning an opinion piece by a Soviet immigrant now residing in Florida that gun registration is bad but mental health background checks are good. All of which has been proposed and advanced in some states in an effort to prevent tragedies such as the Sandi Hook school massacre last December.

Criminal background checks, for warrants and the like make sense, but the rest of it, protective orders, misdemeanor convictions for assaults going back a lifetime do not.

By the way, I am a prohibited person, not permitted to buy a gun through a federal firearms dealer because of a now 19 year old protective order. Getting the order lifted would cost me a month's pay, and the cooperation of the other party. Only one of those two conditions are insurmountable. My rights have been taken away from me forever for something that isn't even a crime.

Does anyone think that mental health background checks would not be abused the way the law is now with gun buying? Do you really want the same people who interpret law to impose a lifetime ban for misdemeanors to make the same decisions with regard to your mental health? But it is law now, the court have endorsed this madness repeatedly to the degree that the only way real justice can be served is from the barrel of a gun.

And we have friends who agree that it is a good thing I can't protect myself. To those, I say: wait until the state or a pissed off ex-wife and her lawyer in a divorce declares you as mentally ill. I'll be laughing my ass off.

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Cluster of conservative stars in Malaysian public relations scandal subject logo: CULTURE
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By Chris Covert

We often accuse the leftist media of being whores in service to their masters such as Media Matters and Think Progress.

With that in mind Rantburg proudly presents a group of conservative writers who contracted out their journalistic services for positive coverage of the Malaysian government and collected fat payments in return.

Did I mention that none of the listed writers disclosed their paydays when their work was published?


Good thing I mentioned that because in fact they failed to make mention of that nexus in opinion articles which appeared in a number of US media.

I found out about this from a blog post at, when the proprietor, Stacy McCain waxed sarcastic about the revelations, at the same time failing to name some of the others involved in the racket. I know at least one of the writers is a friend of McCain's, thus the sarcasm.

Among the publications which included the bought and paid for positive coverage were the Huffington Post, the San Francisco Examiner, and National Review. Names included are some writers you may recognize such as Ben Domenech (USD $36,000), Rachel Ehrenfeld (USD $30,000), Seth Mandel (USD $5,000) and Brad Jackson who cleared USD $24,700.

Josh Trevino was the paymaster who collected USD $389,724.70, and who farmed out some of the work to other writers.

The PDF of the federal filing required of lobbyists is here. The document was filed in 2013, almost three years after Trevino's media company which contracted for the positive news articles was dissolved, five years after it was formed and two years after Trevino had apparently vehemently denied the nexus between his work and pay for play in a UK Guardian piece in 2011.

The most interesting thing about this story is Ben Domenech. He had been hired by the Washington Post to be their star conservative writer in 2006 when liberals from the news outlets as well as from Media matters complained about he was too conservative.

He went to, from which I know of him, and then to Human Events and the Washington Times. He was fired from the Washington Times when he apparently disclosed the new relationship and he lost his column with the UK Guardian. At the time he lied about his relationship in an article about him. I have no idea if Human Events has made a decision on his employment fate with them. The Washington Post incident was one of the incidents which brought me to

I have zero problem with a person who goes into public relations. It can be good money, and all you have to do if you are beautifying an individual or organization who wants to look better in the public eye, is to place your personal feelings aside and write the damn article.

The way public relations is supposed to work is that a firm will go to an editor of a news outlet, someone he knows socially, may have had dinner with and pitch an idea for an article which sounds interesting enough to be pitched. If the editor thinks it's something his or her readers wants to see, a writer is tasked with the story. The firm or PR guy never figures into the work. They are ready to state their case in a "news" article.

But this is something different. The Malaysian government blew right past PR firms and editors and went straight to the writers and dumped a butt load of cash on them, and told them to get busy. And no one thought that maybe something might be a little askew enough that maybe they should disclose the source of their income to the news outlets that published them.

And we see all the time how easily news outlets such as the New York Times moves political people between the President Barak Obama administration and the newsroom. Other examples probably exist right now that have not been disclosed. Those moves are to bring writers into the newsroom who can get access to government officials and have the kind of access that other news outlets can't afford. It is the state of modern journalism.

But this is something completely different and it has a sinister air about it. I do not believe that the whole story has been disclosed, not even the seediest element. Just the parts they could disclose still feel not quite bad about it were anyone to find out about it.

And to think. Myself and others at who write constantly without compensation about the Mexican Drug War must be driving Mexican PR firms batty. A lot of those people on the ground in Mexico proper, what I call in the shooting gallery, get the additional bonus of being in nearly constant fear for their very lives from the drug cartels. I have never even had an offer of money to write something good about drug traffickers or even of anyone in the Mexican government.

Saturday morning a Pajamas Media writer, Steven Crowder wrote a piece complaining about men who complain about their wives; this as yet another political issue to beat other conservatives over the head with. The poster at theothermccain, someone named Smitty chimed in that maybe men who complain about their spouses should stop being so immature.

So, I can just hear this echo of similar disdain of former fans who hear that their once favorite author is now a media whore no better than the worst conservatives believe is happening in the current American leftist government.

"Grow up, sweetheart."

"This is how the world works."

"I'm no worse than anyone else."

But what I have heard since the election of 2012 is how the media has never held conservative's enemies to account for their crimes.

And now we know why.

The conservative media were too busy collecting fat paychecks from elsewhere.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and Borderland

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On Civil War II subject logo: CULTURE
Posted by: badanov

I have been reading lot of talk on survivalist and militia blogs and boards about waiting for the first overt act that sends the US into civil war.

After watching and reading all about how much of a hard on liberals have for weapons that do not belong to them, I would say the civil war has already begun.

If you are waiting for a Fort Sumter moment, you'll be waiting for a while.

The left has been spoiling for a stand up fight since 2000 when their girlfriend, Al Gore failed to make the cut to be US president. First with approving the Use of Force Authorization in Iraq and then, after forces have been committed, to immediately fighting the best efforts to liberate Iraq.

Then continuing on with their newest girlfriend Barky, the spending spree and now the gun grab.

On the patriot blogs I have read several times the sentiment that patriots are waiting for the government to cross some line in the sand before they act. But if you understand the left as I do, you know they have already crossed the line in the sand and are pushing forward as hard, as far and as fast as they can with their latest agenda.

The left acts like a Mexican drug gang. The left is willing to push and encourage violence against the right as long as they can goad the government into action. Mexican drug gangs do this all the time. They call it "heating up the plaza". Push into an opponent's territory, kidnap a few innocents, butcher them in the most brutal way possible, then blame the group they are attacking.

Then comes the heat: cops and army to do what they do best, take away the rights of the innocent despite the protests that the victimized group hasn't done anything.

It is working like a charm right now. New Yorkers just lost more of their God given rights and by next year they will be criminals if they don't disarm, all because some pencil dick decided to turn his mom's guns on innocents. What a boon for crime and criminals, all brought to you by the left and their governmental sympathizers.

I suspect the new civil war will not be like the one 150 years ago. No lines. No shoulder to shoulder advances. No massive firefights. No cannonades. No crossing of lines. The front lines will be your front door, your supply lines will be whatever road you and your friends can keep open, and victory will be determined not by governments coming to terms with either side, but just how badly one side wants to win against the other.

The left relies on the government staffed with bad shots, malingerers and jack booted thugs who will fail to learn that while power can come from the barrel of a gun, it really comes from a heart dedicated to victory. The left just has its personal pleasures, its narcissism and reliance on the government. Their enemy is just about everyone else who believes that our government's basic, and just power is derived from the consent of the governed, not derived from a cowed opposition.

It will suck to be the left when the lesson becomes real.

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Robin Trower's Album gets released early 2013 subject logo: MUSIC
Posted by: badanov

Just got the tweet. Click on the link to see the new cover art.

Yes, Mr. Trower is in his late 60s, but before you judge, you should listen to his last album, The Playful Heart

Here is one of the tracks from that record:

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LSU and Bama top the ESPN Preseason Top 25 subject logo: COLSPORTS
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Top ten:

Southern California
Florida State
South Carolina

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I should have written this... subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
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Riiiiiggghhtt...royalty. Chris Matthews is sauced every time he's on air, and his kid is marrying Ethel Kennedy's progeny. This'll turn out well. Stay off the roads, everyone, Kennedy trash tend to kill innocent people when they're in motorized vehicles.

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Kerry Kennedy holds her post accident press conference subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
Posted by: badanov

Kennedy press conference

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Fake Warriors subject logo: WarPr0n
Posted by: badanov

Pretty amusing stuff.

My favorite is the guy who served with SEAL Team 9, the SEAL team only for members with psychic abilities.

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A Metaphor explaining the SCOTUS decision subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
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Conservative: What was that? A torpedo?

Glen Reynolds: Naw,just a sudden course correction. The ship'll return to its original course as soon as we stop taking on water!

Conservative: Assuming we can contain the fire!

Reynolds: And assuming I can detail damage control parties, but since we haven't been struck amidships port side with two torpedoes, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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